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As per usual, I went back home for the weekend and had to fly out of Birmingham. I spent 3 days back home, saw the family and had some bad ass food. After having a great time, I flew back and landed in Birmingham last night. When getting picked up by my uber, he accidentally took a wrong turn and went to the downtown area/ urban area. What I saw saw gave me the hibbidiy jibbities.

I'll be the first to say it okay, I can be messy - but I always throw away my trash and take that trash out. I might leave some clothes and random stuff laying around but they'll get picked up eventually then tossed into another pile of rubbish. But what I saw in Birmingham was disgusting. While passing the downtown area, piles and mounds of trash were as high as I could stand. It was like 1970's New York trash pile-up.

Seriously. I never thought that Alabama would stand for such a rubbish filled town. Maybe with the rona' going around the cities are cutting cost to pick up trash on a timely manner but that is no excuse if you want Alabama and the cities and towns within it to be beautiful.

For all you people out there reading this, whenever you see a little scrap of trash on the ground, just pick it up and move along your wonderful day.

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