So, Today is the day after "Snowpalooza 2017", and how did we fare? Well, as I writing on this Saturday Morning, the roads are STILL icy and slick, and the temperature is hovering around 28 Degrees. Travel isn't recommended until later this afternoon. However, there ARE a few people on the roads. My recommendation is that you hold off driving anywhere until this afternoon, but if you DO have to drive to Walmart or something, use EXTRA caution on the roads.

Last night, I climbed onto the roof of the Star 101.7 Building, and shot a video during THE HEIGHT of "Snowpalooza 2017". Quite FranklyI risked life and limb to bring you THAT report. A little while ago, I stared in THR EYES OF DANGER again, to climb onto the the roof to file ANOTHER Video Report!

So, here it is "Snowpalooza 2017" Video Part Dux, "The Aftermath!"

Be Careful Today where ever you may be headed. I'll talk to you TONIGHT from 7 'til Midnight for a SPECIAL, "Post-Snowpalooza '17, Pre-Alabama Alabama Championship #17 Victory Celebration Edition Of The Saturday Night Regrind!" YEAH BABY & ROLL TIDE!!!

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