As some folks know, when I'm not on the radio, I'm usually playing one of my guitars somewhere, (usually in my living room). I like to call it my "Serious Hobby". I've been known to bring one of my AXES into work with me, just to keep my fingers moving when I have some free moments. Such was the case last night, New Year's Eve, when I had a few minutes, just before before taking the airwaves for my "Saturday Nite Regrind" show. I thought to myself, "since it's New Year's Eve, why don't I perform AULD LANG SYNE!"  

Now, many people pull out a 34 Year-Old Bottle Of Champagne to ring in the New Year. However, since I'm not allowed to have any alcohol in the studio, instead, I pulled out a 34 Year-Old Guitar to perform on. :-)

Here's the TUNE, I hope You DIG IT!  Happy New Year! May 2017 bring you plenty of Health, Happiness, & Prosperity!




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