It’s that time of year — no, I’m not talking about the holidays, I’m talking about the weeks leading up to the end of December when everyone starts posting their Best Films of the Year lists and reminds the rest of us what we have left to catch up on. It what’s become something of an annual tradition, IndieWire critic David Ehrlich has dropped his compilation video counting down his best films of the year, and even if you haven’t seen some of these, it’s very fun to watch.

From Personal Shopper to Call Me By Your Name to Girls Trip to Dunkirk, the video features the best, funniest, and most heartwarming moments of this year’s greatest movies before it gets to the actual countdown, and anyone who has ever tried to narrow down their Best Of lists knows how frustrating picking just 25 entries must have been. And the juxtaposition of the movies with a few of the song choices (“I’m Every Woman” playing during his montage of mother! made me howl with laughter) is fantastic.

Videos like this are also a great reminder of which movies we might have missed that are worth seeking out before the year is up. If you missed Lady Macbeth earlier this year, for instance, don’t sleep on it! All of these movies are worth checking out, if only to see what all the fuss is about.

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