Politics can yield some heated responses, and as we've seen frequently analogies don't always yield favorable results. Political commentator Ben Shapiro has found that out in recent days after his commentary on President Biden's State of the Union address has been trending on Twitter due to one particular moment in which he called Biden "the Kurt Cobain of politics."

While many rock fans would initially think of that as being a compliment, Shapiro was seeking a more negative connotation. Shapiro, who hosts The Ben Shapiro Show, was in the midst of laying blame to Biden for where things stand in this country since he took over as president.

"Everything bad that has happened over the last 14 months is a completely self-inflicted wound," stated Shapiro, before adding, "Joe Biden is the Kurt Cobain of politics. He put a shotgun in the mouth of the American body politic and then pulled the trigger and the brains are on the wall."

Both Shapiro and Kurt Cobain have been trending on Twitter since the commentator drew his analogy, with many calling out his poor choice of comparisons and his decision to describe the Nirvana musician's 1994 suicide in doing so.

"How about regardless of who but describing a depressed humans suicide in gross details. To exploit the death of ANYONE on such as manner. It’s beyond disgusting & classless. Beyond inhumane," one Twitter user commented.

"Wow. This is appalling. Utterly vile way to treat Kurt Cobain's widow and daughter. Also there were about 24k suicides by gunshot last year and everyone of those families got a gut punch with this grotesque metaphor. Ben Shapiro is such complete and total garbage," added another.

Others took exception to Shapiro's construct as well. "Wait…does he think Kurt Cobain murdered a bunch of people? Because that’s the only way this analogy makes any sense (and even then, it’s still batshit crazy)," offered one Twitter user.

"That analogy makes no sense. Kurt killed himself as a result from lifelong depression/drug use, there was no 2nd party," posted another.

"Dude what’s crazy is I do not support Biden but what Shapiro said was not only tasteless, unfunny but also just a weak analogy," added yet another Twitter user.

Others took the opportunity to point out Kurt Cobain's good during his life since the commentary had put him back in the spotlight on Twitter while also condemning Shapiro's usage.

"Can we just not share the Ben Shapiro video? Instead, let's appreciate that Kurt Cobain was a kind, loving, funny guy who cared deeply about and inspired countless people," wrote one poster. "He gave far more to the world than Shapiro ever will, and if he were here he'd probably just laugh at him."

"Extremely telling that Ben’s idea of an insult is to compare Biden to someone that is widely regarded as awesome and cool," adds another.

Meanwhile, TV personality John Fugelsang added, "Kurt Cobain has been dead since 1994 and he still does more good every year than Ben Shapiro."

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