The best day to be on the road while traveling for the Thanksgiving Holiday is Thanksgiving Day, according to a recent study by The University of Alabama Center for Advanced Public Safety.

Data collected and analyzed by traffic experts, shows that fatal crashes are distributed about equally over the holiday week. Thanksgiving Day has less fatalities because most people have already reached their destination, and fewer people on the roads . In addition, the Monday through Wednesday before Thanksgiving has about 25 percent more crashes than would be expected during a non-holiday week.

David Brown, a research associate with The University of Alabama Center for Advanced Public Safety, (CAPS), said in a press release: “These are days of high volume with a mix of both commuter traffic and people getting to their holiday destinations."

Another interesting fact revealed by the study is, that every 10 mile per hour increase in speed doubles the chances of a crash being fatal. “Some aspect of speed is indicated in over one-third of fatal crashes, and reducing speed is clearly the most effective way that drivers can prevent deaths,” Brown said.

Overall, traffic fatalities are down in the state this year, but experts still warn that this Thanksgiving holiday travel period can be dangerous for Alabama drivers.


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