Earlier today, Barry Manilow came out, and officially announced to the world that he is indeed Gay. So many people were blindsided by the announcement, that they missed these other 10 Equally SHOCKING news stories of the day, that were overshadowed be Barry's unexpected revelation. So, in case you missed them, here are a TEN other Equally SHOCKING news stories that came to light today. I'll just give you the headlines, because I have a dinner reservation at Los Tarascos in about 15 minutes......

Here are the other Ten Equally SHOCKING news headlines of the day:

"Professional Wrestling Matches May Have Predetermined Outcomes"

"Most Americans Feel That They're Grossly Underpaid"

"Men Admit That They Go To Hooters For More Than Just The Food"

"The Chicago Cubs Are Now Actually Good!"

"Women Admit, Sometimes We Really Don't Have A Headache, We Just Act Like It To Avoid Sex " 

"It Doesn't Matter What Time Your Alarm Goes Off In The Morning, It's Always Way Too Early" 

"Men Confide That, Yes, The Dress Does Make You Look Fat"

"Alabama Residents Generally Oppose A Lottery, But Don't Oppose Driving 2 And A Half Hours To Georgia To Buy Powerball Tickets" 

"Most American Drivers Say That Everybody Else On The Road Is A Moron, Everybody Except For Themselves"

"Tuscaloosa Has No Long John Silver's, But Could Definitely Use One"


There you have it. TEN Equally SHOCKING news stories you may have missed today due to being overshadowed by Barry Manilow's shocking revelation. And in honor of Mr. Manilow, here's one of his biggest hits from back in the day...ENJOY!








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