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We apologize for the delay – Bar-ch Madness took a backseat when the weather got really bad for a while. We simply didn't want to be promoting a bracket contest when the chief concern should have been on our communities' safety and wellbeing.

But now that the skies are (somewhat) clear, let's get back into Bar-ch Madness 2021!

The Inebriated Eight is set and after tallying hundreds (!!!) of votes, this competition is a fierce one. Who's got the juice to take this year's crown??

Let's take a look at our contenders:

Savannah Bullard, Townsquare Media via Canva
Savannah Bullard, Townsquare Media via Canva

This list really runs the gamut! From college staples to downtown favorites, the Inebriated Eight represents the best of Tuscaloosa's bar scene. This next round of voting is sure to be spicy.

Voting starts today and will run through the end of the month. To get alerts every time a new poll opens, download the FREE Alt 101.7 app! We'll give you a reminder so no one misses out.

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Since the weather threw us off our schedule, we've updated the final polling open/close dates accordingly. Check that out below. Polls will still open at noon and close 36 hours after they've launched. Here's the voting schedule:

  • Inebriated Eight: Opens March 30 @ noon, closes March 31 @ 11:59 p.m.
  • F***ed Up Four: Opens April 1 @ noon, closes April 2 @ 11:59 p.m.
  • Choose Your Champion: Opens April 3 @ noon, closes April 4 @ 11:59 p.m.
  • Winner Announced: April 5 @ noon

We know y'all are itching to get voting, so let's get on with it! Vote NOW in the Inebriated Eight below. If the poll isn't working in our post, click here to open it in your internet browser.


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