Jack and Coke is a drink that many people enjoy. We all have that friend that is a Jack and Coke drinker.

So what is the game-changing moment you ask yourself?

How about a ready-to-drink beverage?

Yes, it’s true! Jack Daniel’s and Coke-Cola are joining forces to make a ready-to-drink Jack and Coke out of a can.

Coke has done their research too. Per James Quincey, Coke-Cola’s Chairman and CEO, they have found out that the most ordered mixed drink is a Jack and Coke.

Enough with the babble…get to the point you are saying!

So when will this be happening you are asking yourself?

Well, unfortunately, this will be launched in Mexico and then expand to other markets. I know I am so bummed too.

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So no Jack and Coke canned beverages for us this summer but next summer…I foresee this being a reason to make backyard get-togethers a must have!

Oh, and for those that are counting calories, Coke-Cola did say that yes there will be a zero-sugar version available also!

Still crossing my fingers that I will happen upon a store shelf and see a Jack and Coke can waiting to be purchased by me.

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