Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver is going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard before. Not only does it have a stellar soundtrack, the movie itself was built around its own music. Car doors slamming, keys turning, guns firing all had to be precisely timed to fit with whatever song would be playing over the action once the film was all cut together, and a new featurette explains just how complicated that was to do.

“The script came with a little thumbdrive with the music attached,” Jon Hamm says near the beginning of the video. Edgar Wright says the whole thing was inspired by “Bellbottoms” by the John Spencer Blues Explosion.

It has a long two-minute build before the rock really kicks in. So it’s like, that’s perfect for a getaway driver waiting outside, and bang, and then at the two-minute mark, the chase starts.

He would annotate the script with what would be happening in the song at the very moment ever beat of action or line was taking place onscreen, which sounds like a very fun, very intense way to make a movie. Baby Driver sounds like a two-hour long music video made for a playlist off Wright’s own iTunes. Which fits, because the whole idea was inspired by a music video Wright directed back in 2003. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Baby Driver’s official track listing.

Baby Driver hits theaters June 28.

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