Want a look at one of the latest makeup bags from Breakups to Makeup? Want to win one, too? Today's your lucky day, because I am about to make that happen for y'all!

I am a huge fan of Breakups to Makeup. It's such a fun and quirky brand; they offer a variety of makeup bags, totes, shirts, hats, and other accessories that all feature a different saying ("I Would Cry But My Mascara Is Designer" is a personal fave). I was psyched for a chance to get my hands on one of their adorable bags, as I've been a fan of Breakups to Makeup for a while now.

I received a makeup bag from Breakups to Makeup to review in the B101.7 Beauty Report, and I was really impressed. The bag is made of sturdy canvas and closes with a large zipper, and the interior of the bag is fully lined with zebra print. It looks great--and I haven't even mentioned the best part: the bag has "I'm Only Helpless While My Nails Are Drying" on the front. How cute is that?

Check out the video above for a more detailed look at the bag, and please ignore the terrible lighting in my office that makes me look like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow. I give y'all a more detailed description of the makeup bag--and give you an idea of its capacity.

You can buy your own gear from Breakups to Makeup on their official website, and check the link below for your chance to win one of the bags featured in this B101.7 Beauty Report!

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