The only thing worse than McFarland Boulevard on a Saturday afternoon is McFarland Boulevard on a Game Day, and with a busy weekend in the City of Champions, you can expect even more delays on Tuscaloosa's biggest thoroughfare. If the thought of being trapped on McFarland is enough to send you in to convulsions, do what I do and avoid it at all costs. 

Instead of driving on McFarland, I navigate through side streets. You can always pull up Google Maps on your phone and get a turn-by-turn, but because I love y'all, I've listed my usual route--Skyland to Bryant. Check it out!

  1. From Skyland Boulevard, turn onto 3rd Ave East.
  2. Stay straight, then turn left onto 32nd Place East.
  3. Drive two blocks then turn right onto 2nd Avenue East.
  4. Stay straight; turn right onto 20th Street East.
  5. Drive two blocks then turn left onto 5th Street East,
  6. Stay straight; 5th Street East will eventually lead you to Bryant Drive.

Do you have a favorite way to avoid crazy Tuscaloosa traffic? Share it in the comments below!

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