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Luckily I've lived in college football heavy states with a focus on winning championships and the tradition of the team. I'll give you the skinny, big Nebraska fan. Nebraska use to be a powerhouse. Lots of people respect their game.

Now I live in T-Town, Bama Football is it's own religion and Bryant Denny is the official church of Tuscaloosa. With football on the up at the university, Bama will always be known as the best program of all time (sorry Nebraska, I still love ya.)

But there's a whole-nother aspect we are forgetting about and that is large market football. Yeah, I'm talking about the NFL. With most fan bases that exceed three million and mega stadiums that fit over 100,000 people. The question that arises is this, will there be more hype and exciting that will compare with the NCAA or NAIA system.

Tradition in college football runs deep. Collegiate football has been around longer than the NFL dating back to 1869 with similar but not exact rules of the modern game we play today. Which begs the question, which league and association will the people be more likly to be excited about when the game is ready to be played. In my eyes, college football is my pure choice of watching competitive football. But in others it might be the NFL because of the large market teams and undeniable players that go out each Sunday and put on a show.

Roll tide.


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