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With businesses trying to stay afloat here in town, a resurgence of students coming back to T-Town, things might be actually looking up.

Before the Rona' hit, bars were packed on a Tuesday night, people were eating out at restaurants like crazy and treating themselves to local products and services. When you take a look at Tuscaloosa's delivery company 'Crimson2Go' I promise you they benefited to all this madness and also hired a lot more drivers to fulfill the needs of locals and students alike. The other day, I was walking downtown and saw tons of students and families for graduation weekend and it gave me some hope for the bounce back of our community. At one point that night, I promise you that bars had to REFUSE entry because of covid complicity laws of capacity. It was something this town needed very much. But with recent restrictions Mayor Maddox put into place, it may only be a honeymoon phase for all businesses for this great town. But let's hope that doesn't happen. Please God, let's get people to shop local and actually care about our neighbors during this horrible, awful, wretched times.

With all that being said, hope is on the horizon, student are coming back which only means one thing $. Summer in Tuscaloosa is bad enough when they're gone but an extra catastrophe added some unneeded salt to this gumbo.

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