Animal Crossing: New Horizons can now be played with a... butt plug.

As most of the world continues to quarantine and practice social distancing, many have turned to video games to pass the time. But, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is more than just a game now—it's apparently also a way for people to take their sex lives online.

Many have been going on Animal Crossing Tinder dates, a new trend which led someone to design a way for sex toys to sync with the game controller's vibrations.

According to Vice, gamer Kyle Machulis "developed a way to connect a smart butt plug to a Nintendo Switch" so that it vibrates whenever your character does something that would trigger a vibration on the controllers.

In a video shared on his YouTube channel, he shows players exactly how to reroute their game console vibrations to their butt plugs. This means that whenever you do something in Animal Crossing that would normally trigger a console rumble — like hitting a rock or chopping a tree — you can get that vibration instead.

What a time to be alive!

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