A Family in Alabaster all contracted the Coronavirus, quarantined, and recovered together. According to ABC 33/40, all four members of the Layton family quarantined at home for 21 days and did not have to go to the hospital for treatment to recover.

One family member had no sense of smell or taste, suffered severe headaches and didn't have the strength to stand. “I had to hold onto things to walk. Even to hold onto the bed. I felt like I was going to fall down. I just felt like my legs were going to collapse,” After going through this unique occurrence, there was still light at the end of the tunnel. “Seeing how sick people can get with it and how deadly it is. I feel so fortunate." 

According to ABC 33/40, they know they spread the virus to each other, but they don’t know the original source.


(Source) To Read the full story on the Layton Family on ABC 33/40 click here.



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