You may not be able to start your day with a honey butter chicken biscuit as one of the South's favorite fast-food chains is feeling the effects of a nation-wide chicken shortage.

That's right--even Whataburger is not immune.

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I noticed the message below when attempting to order through the Whataburger app this morning.

Whataburger App/Meg Summers/TSM
Whataburger App/Meg Summers/TSM

When I tell you I was DEVASTATED, I am not lying. I was unable to order my most beloved item: the chicken fajita taco. I also noticed the chicken melt was MIA.

It seems that most fried chicken items are alright (for now), but who knows when the chicken shortage is coming for our honey butter biscuits?

So--what's the deal with the chicken supply?

Apparently Americans are ravenous for chicken like never before. We started with the chicken sandwich wars between Popeye's, Chick-fil-A, and literally every other restaurant, and then we ended up in a global pandemic during which chicken wings were ordered in record numbers.

It's supply and demand, y'all--and the supply is so low that Wingstop is now selling chicken thighs because they're aren't enough flats (or drums).


I hope this chicken shortage is resolved ASAP because I NEED my Whataburger chicken fajita taco, man. It is my FAVORITE fast food breakfast item--especially when I add a slice of pepperjack cheese.

Have you noticed any chicken craziness at your Whataburger? Message me with our station app and let me know.

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