One of the biggest stories of segregation to hit the University of Alabama campus in years appears to be nearing a conclusion. On Tuesday, Alabama President Dr. Judy Bonner released a statement on video about efforts being made to remove the barriers that remain in the greek system following the report that two black students weren't given sorority bids based on the color of their skin.

"The eyes of the nation are once again on The University of Alabama," Bonner said in the video. "This time, it is because our greek system remains segregated, and chapter members admit that during the recruitment process that ended a few weeks ago, decisions were made based on race.

"Before the formal recruitment period ended, the office of the president and the office of student affairs began working with the local chapters and the national chapters in order to determine what the barriers were, whether they were real or perceived, and began to move forward with a plan to help the greek system embraced the diversity that's represented at the University."

The multiple reports from and The Crimson White have pointed to alumnae rather than current students for the antiquated thinking.

Watch the full statement from Dr. Bonner below.