Earlier this afternoon, a special investigation impeachment report was released on Governor Robert Bentley. Much of the report's focus is of Bentley's alleged mistress, Rebekah Mason, who served as his Chief Of Staff. The 131 page document details an alleged relationship between the two, which insiders say that "Governor Bentley made little effort to mask the relationship.”

The report also reveals that, "Governor Bentley directed law enforcement to advance his personal interests and, in a process characterized by increasing obsession and paranoia, subjected career law enforcement officers to tasks intended to protect his reputation,” Furthermore, the report states that, “Witnesses and documents have confirmed that an inappropriate relationship developed between Governor Bentley and his chief advisor, Rebekah Mason".

Hours before the report was released, The Governor spoke on the steps of The Capitol, and apologized for failings in his personal life. However, he insisted that he never misused state resources. He also said that he has "no plans to resign".

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