People around the country sometimes joke that the south takes sports too seriously, but that kind of passion leads to an outpouring of support like we saw in Tuscaloosa over the weekend. 

The community rallied around a fellow SEC town and surrounding areas to provide support after historical floods have destroyed many homes and displaced even more people in Louisiana.

Over the weekend, the University of Alabama set up its athletic equipment 18-wheelers to take donations from residents of Tuscaloosa. On Tuesday, the last truck full of supplies departed for Louisiana.

Everything was unloaded by volunteers and everything donated ended up weighing a staggering 40,000+ pounds. Check out the thank you from Alabama football's twitter account.

One week earlier, Alabama men's basketball coach Avery Johnson, a New Orleans native, filled up his own semi-truck full of supplies and sent it to his hometown. That began an overwhelming act of support from the community.

“I will continue to be a part of the restoration efforts,” Johnson said. “This was just a small showing of love and support for a community that’s dear to my heart. I’m proud to be a 1988 graduate of Southern University and I wanted to let people down there know we are thinking and praying for the entire community.”

The storm that hit Louisiana on August 11 produced an estimated 7+ trillion gallons over water across the state, which was nearly three times more than Hurricane Katrina.