The new Adele single 'Hello' has been paired up with Lionel Richie's '80s hit 'Hello,' a mashup to create a seriously funny phone conversation.

I've watched this video a dozen times already, and can't stop laughing! This pairing is decades in the making, and one we didn't see coming! Pure magic is create, as brief as it may be, it is awesome!

Here's the set up, you have Adele answering, "hello." On the other side of the phone, it's none other than Tuskegee, Alabama native and '80s mega pop star Lionel Richie, as he replies when the call is answered with, "hello." Adele is not impressed, as he continues, "is it me you're looking for?" The video shows her and shows him. Then, in the closing scene, Adele hangs up. Why is this so out of mind hysterical?! Could it be, because it is!

Give a look for yourself. It's QUICK, timing at just 11 seconds. Just wait, you have the urge to watch this Adele and Lionel Richie phone conversation multiple times! Ha!