This is a lesson I that learned recently, and I thought I would relive this horrifying experience with you because it could SAVE YOUR LIFE!  Let me explain....

I was driving home one night, going 70 mph, and at the LAST moment, I spot THIS object on the road and I have to make a sudden SHARP turn to avoid HITTING it, which practically puts me in the DITCH! Then I get out of The Linguinimobile and walk over to take a closer look, because I'm curious to see what almost KILLED me!

Turns out that I wound up making a last-second, life-saving, split decision, to avoid hitting somebody's FAKE HAIR! Boy, was I PISSED! However, as I calmed myself down, I realized that I had just learned a VERY important life lesson, which I'd like to share with YOU now. And THAT lesson is:

Don't "weave" to avoid hitting......a WEAVE!!!

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