Let me share some of the interesting sights while looking around the Greensboro Opera House! The opportunity came up following the inaugural Encore 5K Run/Walk, an event established to help raise funds for the restoration of this Alabama landmark.

The Greensboro Opera House was built in 1903, and was a cultural center for a number of years. However. for many more years since, it has been mostly deserted and left for deterioration.  That's changing, visible progress is being made to restore this historic building.

My tour began with background shared on the building, its history and plans for its future.  The ground level was busy with construction to repair everything.  I'm talking walls, floors and the ceiling.  There's even a new set of stairs built to reach the theater on the second floor.

There was so much to soak in walking around on the second floor.  I recorded video of an area where various antiques have been gathered, from furniture to a pop corn machine.

Out in the back, the walls have markings from performers back in the day.  Much of the graffiti is signed and date to the 1930s.  A one wall was a drawing of a man with mustache hanging from a noose with the words, "Hitler was defeated today, hooray!"

After the leaving the theater, I walked up on the Pie Lab.  I've heard about this place and had to stop for a slice!  The peanut butter pie called out my name.  Oh wow, it was good! I also noticed an old sign on the street for a "radio and TV" shop.  Just think, there was time when people bought and even had these electronics repaired at shops like this.

Now, what would my recap from the day without including something from the race, the whole reason for going.  I have few photos shared in the gallery, including one of my 1st place medal.  Hey now!  Yeah, I was happy to finish 1st in the Masters Division.

Here's the photo gallery!

See a 360 degree view inside the theater room in the video below.


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