My favorite Tuscaloosa restaurant is set to open its doors again next Friday, May 22nd. It feels as though I have lived a thousand lifetimes without The Avenue Pub, and I long to be reunited with this little slice of perfection. Here's my love letter to The Avenue Pub.

It's been close to five years since I first walked through your doors, Avenue Pub, and although I didn't need them to secure a table I still held on to my reservations: your building had been previously occupied by several other restaurants, and I wondered if you, too, would meet their same mediocre fate.

I am so, so glad I was wrong.

It was love at first bite. I ordered your absolutely divine bacon cheeseburger, and I have been hopelessly hooked since then.

I don't think I need to elaborate too much here, but we both know life is unpredictable. I have an erratic work schedule and a flaming dumpster fire of a personal life, but the one thing on which I can count is that I will always have a great experience when I visit you.

That's not hyperbole: you are PERFECT. The servers are always awesome. No one has ever screwed up my order, and the food is so consistently delectable that it defies logic. I appreciate your attention to detail--whether it's a judicious application of flaky salt on fries to the sensational seasoning in the black beans of your brunch huevos rancheros.

Your restaurant holds so many memories for me: dinners with friends, ordering crispy chicken clubs that set us back on the straight-and-narrow after a few too many... long birthday brunches with my momma... late lunches with my family... and it's always been perfect. You literally never disappoint.

I cannot wait to see you again. I hope you're ready for me. I'm going to order a bacon cheeseburger cooked medium with a side of those phenomenal fries that I'll be dipping in your sweet Thai chili sauce. I'll have some Thai nachos, too--and an order of that jalapeno cheese dip for good measure... and then I'll be back Saturday to order huevos rancheros with grilled chicken and again on Sunday for some of that legendary French toast.

Welcome back to T-Town. Lord knows we've missed you.

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