So, I found myself driving in this neighborhood Today, and I just HAD to take a picture! (After all these years I never knew that "Air Conditioned Telephones" even existed! But obviously, they DO because it says so right on the sign!).

I have had so many great memories here! In fact, when I first came to Tuscaloosa, my bosses put me up here for a couple weeks. I have to admit, that I met a quite a few interesting people during my brief  stay here. Everyone was SO friendly!

Come to think of it, this place reminds me of the lyric in "New York, New York" where Mr. Sinatra sings, "If I Can Make It There, I'll Make It Anywhere...." I think that holds true with The Moon Winx Hotel, If YOU Can Make It There, YOU'LL Make In Anywhere!

And I believe that all of Tuscaloosa has Made It there at one time or another......:-)

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