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Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play! Growing up, myself, like many kids watched way too much Spongebob Squarepants. With his massive success came multiple merchandising opportunities. Video games was certainly one that the little yellow one dipped in feet into, and this next one is a close one to many a heart.

This week's game is none other than Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom!

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Story: It's an ordinary day in Bikini Bottom and things seem to be normal. Plankton however is out once again to cause trouble. In his never-ending quest to steal the Krabby Patty formula, Plankton has created an army of robots. There's just one tiny problem, the robots aren't listening to Plankton. Now with the robots trying to take over the city, It's up to Spongebob and friends to save the day once again!

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BFBB is one of those classic games like Banjo-Kazooie. It's a collect-a-thon platformer filled with things for gamers young and old. With shiny things and golden spatulas to grab, it's certainly a collector's dream. And with many worlds in Bikini Bottom to explore, things will won't get stale underwater.

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It's not just Spongebob that'll help take down the robots however, Patrick Star and Sandy Cheeks join the fray to help take down the robotic menace. Multiple abilities allowing you to go back and obtain golden spatulas previously unattainable are also in play. And robot boss battles? You bet. These robots are going down without a fight! Get to it!

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