Most all drivers in Tuscaloosa aren't aware of this little secret--are you one of the few in the know?

I am sharing this with y'all because a) I care and b) I am tired of almost dying on the daily. It's time for me to drop the knowledge; are you prepared? Here it is, Tuscaloosa...

Did you know that if you pull out in front of another vehicle you don't have to slow down?

SURPRISE, right? If you're pulling out onto the road, you don't have to drive 6 MPH and almost cause a wreck!

Look, I am obviously being facetious here. I would hope everyone would know how to operate a daggum motor vehicle, but hey... here we are. It seems like every single day someone pulls out in front of me and then decides to go like 3 MPH so I have to slam on my brakes and cuss like a sailor.

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