I went to Trader Joe's in Birmingham yesterday and, as always, it was awesome. I left with a full trunk of stuff and a lingering question in my mind: why doesn't Tuscaloosa have its own Trader Joe's?

You can't tell me that a Trader Joe's in Tuscaloosa is a bad idea. Literally everyone I know loves Trader Joe's. It is cheap, but the quality is top-notch. I've never bought anything from Trader Joe's I didn't like. It's so dope. What is it going to take to get T-Town a heckin' Trader Joe's?


I mean, fine, I will, but...

1. Trader Joe's is affordable. You can rack up on the items your family needs without breaking the bank.

2. It's easy to eat healthy when you shop at Trader Joe's. They have so many great low-calorie options as well as fresh fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses, and other clean-eating options.

3. There are also treats o'plenty at Trader Joe's. Two words: cookie butter. And their cookies, candies, and other treats are all booooooooomb.

4. Trader Joe's sells private label items, too. That means the ketchup, salad dressing, or toothpaste you buy with a TJ label is actually a leading national brand.

5. It's just fun to shop at Trader Joe's. I mean, people wear Hawaiian shirts and ring bells and give you free samples. What more could you want?

Y'all--get me a Tuscaloosa Trader Joe's NOW!

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