Every Saturday from Sept.1 to Nov. 24, with the exception of the one "bye week," fans gear up in their best Alabama football attire to support the Crimson Tide as they take on another team.

For eight of the 12 games, fans are able to head down to Bryant-Denny Stadium to cheer on the Tide and watch them play in person. But for the other four games, it is crucial to find a place to relax and enjoy the game on tv whether it's with friends or family.

So in no particular order, I present to you five of the best spots to view a University of Alabama away game without having to leave the comfort of Tuscaloosa.

1.Buffalo Phil's

Buffalo Phil's is a Tuscaloosa staple, which is why it makes the list. The restaurant sits right outside of the stadium on University Blvd and Frank Thomas Ave. Buffalo Phil's offers a variety of beers, wings and sandwiches that are perfect for a hungry football fan. Whether you sit at the bar or at a table, you can enjoy an away game from the comfort of your seat while enjoying a cold snack and some comfort food.

2. Wilhagan's Grille and Taproom

Up next is Wilhagan's Grille and Taproom. While Wilhagan's is known for serving beer, this establishment also offers food and billiards to play while you're waiting on half time to finish up. Wilhagan's even offers brunch on Saturday's until 3 p.m., so if the game is early, you can head there and enjoy some pancakes or even a delicious omelet.

3. The Houndstooth

Named "Alabama's Favorite College Bar," The Houndstooth offers over 40 HD TVs for you and your friends to gather around on gamedays, especially for away games. The Houndstooth even have TVs in its restrooms so you don't have to worry about missing a play. A variety of competitive games such as foosball, pool and darts can be played during halftime or even prior to the game. While The Houndstooth does not offer food, Big Bad Wolves BBQ is always located right out on the patio for hungry football fans to enjoy.

4. Hooligans

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For somewhere a little more family friendly, Hooligans is the place to be for an away game. Both the downtown location and the new North River location have multiple televisions that stream the games and plenty of seating for you and your family. Alcohol is not offered at Hooligans, making it much more family friendly. Enjoy a hot and juicy burger and fries or a gyro wrap and hummus dip - the choice is yours!

5. Heat Pizza Bar

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Another family friendly joint is Heat Pizza Bar. Located right outside of the Government Plaza, Heat Pizza Bar offers a selection of pizzas and beers while still maintaining a more family friendly environment. Heat Pizza offers plenty of seating for you, your family and even your neighbors who want to cheer on the Tide with you. Enjoy a hot cheesy pizza while you watch the game on one of their TVs!

Don't forget to check out one of these five joints this football season to satisfy your gameday feel while the boys are busy getting us one step closer to another National Championship!