So, last week I wrote in this blog about which 5 restaurants could return back to Tuscaloosa, at the corner of McFarland & 15th Street, (which is currently occupied by the vacant gas station which has been sitting there idle now for over 5 years). In case you missed that blog you can read it HERE

To refresh your memory, The 5 Restaurants which I suggested, and DO terribly miss are:

5) Shoney's

4) Quincy's

3) Denny's

2) Bama Bino Pizza

1) Long John Silver's

As SOON as I published that blog, I realized that there were a FEW more restaurant's that I wished were still here. So, I thought that I would include them now. Call this list: 5 Restaurants We Wished Were Still In Tuscaloosa Part Deux

5) Lee's Fried Chicken: This used to be located where the current Chic-fil-A on McFarland sits now. (Funny how one chicken place winds up turning into another). I used to LOVE Lee's back in the day. With all due respect to KFC, I would pick Lee's over it......Justy TASTY, Baby!

4) Fazoli's: Ok, so maybe this was technically in Northport, but whatever, because I lived in Northport back then and I would eat there all the time.I was a HUGE fan of their breadsticks. Eat enough of those, and you would have a main course right there! Of course, I would also eat a pasta salad to make myself think that I was eating healthy....even though that salad was probably over to 2,000 Calories! I enjoyed the menu at Fazoli's, I certainly spent a LOT of money there.

3) Steak Out: I don't know HOW I left this off my original list, but I got called out on it! And for good reason, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON MY ORIGINAL LIST! The food was fantastic, the service was prompt, and they delivered right to your front door! It's been gone since it was taken out by the April 2011 Tornado. I'm surprised it hasn't been re-built yet. I think it's time.

2) Cancun: You have to hand it to Tuscaloosa, there are some really GREAT Mexican Restaurants. You really can't go wrong with any one of them. However, one of my favorites was Cancun on McFarland Boulevard, right next door to Arby's,(sadly, a phone place sits there now). The menu selection, the food, and their service was simply OUTSTANDING! Plus, I got to know the owner, Esteban. Great Guy! Always greeted everyone with a smile. I'd much rather have them back instead of the phone store that currently sits there.

And 1) The Landing: Ok, maybe I'm a little biased because I hosted my Saturday Night Radio Show live from there for a couple years back in the early 90's, but the food was EXCELLENT! The BEST Prime Rib In Town was easily found at The Landing. Plus, when you finished your delicious meal, you could always go into the bar, and wash it down with your favorite drink. Then, you could work off those calories, by doing "The Electric Slide" on the dance floor!

Also, I have an Honorable Mention. Not in Tuscaloosa actually, but boy do I wish they were STILL around: Manasco's on 69 North! You had to drive up a ways, because it was right in between Tuscaloosa and Jasper, but it was DEFINITELY worth the trip! Their food, especially their STEAKS,  were absolutely DELICIOUS!

So there you have it,  5 Restaurants We Wished Were Still In Tuscaloosa Part Dux. (Plus, An Honorable Mention).

Bon Appetit!

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