It. Is. Back.

ALT 101.7's tournament to pick the best bar in the Druid City has returned for 2023 and it's time to get (or stay) weird.

Your favorite on-air degenerates have spent the last two weeks writing down any bar in the city we could think of - also adding to the list you schmucks suggested - and have come up with what we think are the 32 best local bars to compete.

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There are no divisions in the bracket (we believe in unity at Tuscaloosa's New Alternative) and the matchups were randomized.

32 Bars. One Champion.
32 Bars. One Champion.
2023 Bar-ch Madness Bracket

Voting and Results

Tuscaloosa's best-voted bar gets ULTIMATE bragging rights for the year... so make your voice heard! Each of the five (5) rounds will have its own post on the ALT 101.7 website so check back for results and your next opportunity to vote.

Ballots will be collected via Google Forms, so you don't have to sign in or provide an email address to play – just stalk our website for the next month or so and we'll do the rest!

Unlimited Votes - After some deliberation, we decided to allow readers to cast more than one vote if they'd like. (TBH, we like the idea of y'all hanging out on our website all day, professing your love for your favorite bar by way of filling out a Google Form over and over.)

The first round of voting starts at noon on Wednesday, March 1 and will close March 7 at 11:59 pm, with results and the round of sixteen vote starting the next day, Wednesday, March 8.

Voting Schedule:

Stay tuned to the ALT 101.7 socials and app throughout the month of March for important contest updates and new rounds of voting - and happy boozing!

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