DCH SportsMedicine set out to host a different kind of race out a Lake Lurleen State Park, and what they found out their new Tuscaloosa area duathlon Dirt, Sweat and Gears would impressively draw over 100 registered participants!

For nearly two decades DCH SportsMedicine has relied on the annual Fund Run 5K to be a major fundraiser for their efforts through the year to provide complimentary medical service for local high school athletics.

In 2016, they decided to stick their neck out and try something different, a duathlon. A race course on trails at the scenic Lake Lurleen State Park just outside of town up Highway 82 in Coker. The first leg of the race a 10 mile trail bike ride. The second a 5K trail run.

Congrats to organizers for having 100 registered participants, which exceeds the average count for the Fund Run over the past couple of years.

Asking around, and there were a lot of first timers to try something like this, myself included. There was an option to compete individual or team. I chose the team option and joined up with Jason of Black Warrior Brewing Company. Jason hit the bike trail and I did the run. Having this team option does open up and further the number or participants, as some just want to bike and others just run.

Now, how was the race? One word, HAWT! Haha. Like I told organizers, the beauty with the trails... shade. So, it wasn't like hitting the runway at the airport (or something like that) with the sun beating you down. Besides, there was plenty of water and Gatorade on the course and past the finish line, along with quite the food spread.

I snapped a few photos from the festivities this past Saturday.

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