Milo's is finally back in Tuscaloosa! We spent yesterday afternoon FREAKING OUT when we heard that the burger shop has officially announced its opening date. Check out the 10 reasons we're super excited to have Milo's back in town!

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    Awesome Location

    Milo's is located at the corner of Highway 69 and Skyland Boulevard in Tuscaloosa--that's within walking distance of our studios. If you see some DJ's running down Skyland next week, you can bet we're on a burger run!

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    Handmade Milkshakes

    Milo's uses fresh ice cream to craft their handmade milkshakes. Is there a better way to finish a meal at Milo's than with a big chocolate shake? Probably not--unless you pair one of Milo's pies with a vanilla shake!

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    The Best Sweet Tea

    Sweet tea, the house wine of the South, is serious business in Alabama. Milo's always brings their A-game when it comes to their iconic sweet tea. And isn't it great that you can order a mega-sized chalice of sweet tea? Come to Milo's for lunch and come back to the office feeling like a king. It's the best.

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    Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders

    If you've never tried Milo's chicken tenders, you're missing out. They're everything you want your fried chicken to be: hand-breaded, perfectly seasoned, crispy on the outside, and juicy inside. And Milo's serves them up with their incredible sauces.

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    Milo's Sauce Bar

    Tuscaloosa's new Milo's is going to have its own sauce bar! You'll be able to grab extra Milo's sauce so you can dip your fries in that LIQUID FLAVOR GOLD, and you'll be able to choose from a great line-up of new sauces, too! Try their freshly made ranch, honey mustard, Double-O (a mix of Milo's Sauce and freshly made ranch), or Boom-Boom (mayonnaise base with red pepper added for a spicy kick) sauces--they'll all be 'on tap' at the sauce bar!

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    Fried Pies

    When it comes to dessert, Milo's doesn't play around. Their fried pies are THE BEST. The lemon pie is incredible, but we're kind of partial to the apple pie... And now we're drooling thinking of that sugar-dusted crispy pie crust surrounding that warm cinnamon apple filling...

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    French Fries

    If there were ever an Olympics for fries, Milo's crinkle-cut french fries would win the gold medal every four years. Not only are the fries perfectly cooked--they're dusted in a special seasoned salt. What's in that salt? We don't know. It must be unicorn horns and angel wings because those fries taste like heaven.

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    Brand-New Breakfast

    The Tuscaloosa location will be only the third Milo’s location to serve breakfast. What's on the menu Biscuits, wraps and breakfast sandwiches (on Milo’s trademark grilled bun!) with the choice of Conecuh sausage, patty sausage, fried chicken breast, or bacon, egg & cheese! You can also order hash browns, cinnamon rolls or premium coffee to complete your Milo's breakfast.

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    Where can you find the best burgers in town? Everyboy goes to Milo's! Sorry for getting that jingle stuck in your head, but it's 100% true. Milo's burgers are unlike anything else. Maybe it's the toasted buns and melted cheese... maybe it's the onions... or that sweet but smoky Milo's sauce... whatever it is, Milo's burgers are the best. We can't wait to order them by the dozen!

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    Very Happy Homecoming

    It's been over four years since we lost our Tuscaloosa Milo's in the April 27, 2011 tornado. We're so happy to have them back in town. It's another big leap forward in Tuscaloosa's journey of recovery. This homecoming is going to be super sweet... and salty... and crispy and crunchy and... man, is it time for Milo's to open yet? We're having some serious cravings over here!