I never thought I would say this, but I am a Wen Girl. I ditched shampoos that lather and switched to a product that has seriously changed my life. I'm using Wen, and I'll never use anything else.

I know what you're thinking--Meg, I've seen like 5 million infomercials for this stuff. I'm not even remotely interested--but let me stop you right there. You need to know that Wen changed my LIFE, and I am not even exaggerating here.

I watched those infomercials, and I saw celebs gushing about a dang shampoo. I thought it was ridiculous. Like, yeah right, Alyssa Milano, they're just paying you to say you're whacko for Wen. There is no way a shampoo could change your life, Brooke Shields.Your eyebrows are flawless, but I do not have time for your nonsense right now. I always changed the channel and moved on to something else.

I thought Wen wouldn't work for me because nothing worked for me. I have baby fine and naturally curly hair. These two things alone make for a challenge in terms of hair care, but together? WHOOO BOY. Talk about problems! If I used a shampoo that moisturized my curls, it would weigh my hair down. If I used a volumizing shampoo, my hair would look like a frizzy fried nightmare.


One day I was home alone and (guilty pleasure here) watching QVC. Chaz Dean, the stylist who invented Wen, was on and selling gallons of Wen. I mean, I was convinced right then and there: people were buying Wen by the GALLON and freaking out about the chance to do so. The host had caller after caller on the show, and each one was straight up RAVING about Wen and how they'll never go back to using traditional shampoo. I mean, these people believed in Wen, y'all. It was like CHURCH and they were testifying.

I found out later that Chaz Dean is doing the Lord's work, okay? I ordered this Hair Care Essentials kit from Sephora, and a travel size of Wen was included. I was like, what the heck, and tried it.




Wen's not a shampoo in the traditional sense--or any sense, really. It's a cleansing conditioner. There's no lather. That first use was weird--I was so used to sudsin' it UP in the shower. I washed once, and then I applied Wen again and let it do its thang for about three minutes. I got out of the shower and dried and straightened my hair, and I swear I heard Handel's Messiah playing. My hair was THAT divine.

This is my hair the first day after using Wen; I couldn't get over how AMAZING my hair looked and felt. (Meg Summers/TSM)

My hair was soft and shiny. It had bounce and body, and I was instantly in love. In July, ordered a starter kit from Wen (via Guthy-Renker). The kit came with a full-size cleansing conditioner, a frizz creme, a mousse, and a smoothing gloss. Using these products made my hair feel even MORE incredible. My hair has just gotten better and healthier the longer I use Wen. I can straighten my hair, and it's smooth and sleek and bouncy; I can let my hair dry naturally for curls that are defined and shiny--never crunchy or frizzy. I'm not a natural redhead, and one of the MANY reasons I love Wen is that it extends the life of my color--I don't watch it wash down the drain every time I wash my hair.

These are my natural curls! (Meg Summers/TSM)

I set up an automatic delivery for my Wen babies so I'd never be without them--and then I ran out early about six weeks ago. I thought I'd use shampoo until my next shipment came in, and y'all--no way. In one use, my hair was brittle and breaking--it felt so damaged and fragile. I finally understood why Chaz Dean is always talking about how shampoo strips your hair of its natural moisture. I will NEVER use traditional shampoo again

I LOVE Wen. I am 100 with y'all about it: Wen is the BEST thing that ever happened to my hair. The cleansing conditioner comes in several different formulas (I'm partial to the Sweet Almond Mint) that were developed to address a wide array of hair concerns. Chances are, there's a Wen out there that's right for you--like your follicular soul mate.

And Wen's customer service is amazing. I got my tri-monthly Wen shipment in the mail yesterday, and I was missing a product from my customized kit. I had a leaky bottle of the cleansing conditioner, and I received a product I didn't order. I called customer service, and they were SO NICE. They shipped me the products I needed at no charge--and even let me choose one free product for the hassle.

The kit I order from Wen arrives every 3 months. I get three bottles of Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner and one bottle each of Nourishing Mousse, Anti-Frizz Styling Creme, and Straightening Smoothing Gloss. I am billed once monthly for the products; I pay about $40. I know it seems steep at first, but if you bought a high-end brand of shampoo and conditioner every month, you'd spend the same amount for JUST the shampoo and conditioner. And Wen's cleansing conditioner is a multi-tasker: it cleans, conditions, and detangles AND you can use it as a leave-in conditioner, too. It's worth every penny!

I snapped this after drying and straightening my hair yesterday. My hair is so dang shiny and smooth! Also: I'm not wearing makeup in this pic... so.. yeah. JUST LOOK AT THE HAIR. (Meg Summers/TSM)

I mean, just look at my hair. I tell all my friends that I finally have Disney Princess Hair. It's the kind of hair I always wanted. It's so smooth and shiny and bouncy. I love running my hands through my hair and just being in awe of how amazing it feels and then watching my hair fall into place. I was already beautiful, but Wen makes me feel like I can conquer the world. I love it, and I am proud to say...

I am a Wen Girl!

I'm going to finish this edition of the B101.7 Beauty Report with a little before and after action. Check out this side-by-side comparison and see what Wen's done for me.

Meg Summers/TSM