Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10. Let me repeat that: Mother's Day is THIS SUNDAY, May 10, 2015. If you're searching for the perfect gift for your mom, look no further; I've got you covered with the latest edition of the B101.7 Beauty Report!

I don't have to explain why you need to get your momma a gift this year. I mean, it's MOTHER'S DAY, and even if your mom is like, "Oh, no, honey, you don't have to get me anything. It's fine!" you STILL get that woman a gift.

We are talking about the person who wiped your snotty little toddler nose, the person who potty-trained you, who cut the crusts off your PB&J's, stayed up all night worrying when you had a fever, helped with your homework, kissed your boo-boos, scrubbed the grass stains out of your softball uniform, sang you lullabies--all of that. You literally would not exist without her, so you buy that woman a gift, and you make it a good one!

Being a mom is a full-time job, and as a mom I can tell you we often put everyone else's needs before our own. It's hard to find the time to TREAT YO SELF, and that's one of the reasons why Mother's Day is so important: it's our chance to tell our moms how rad they are and give them a chance to pamper themselves.

My picks for the best beauty buys for mom are below. Comment with your faves--y'all know I am always on the search for the latest and greatest!

  • 1

    Scentbird Subscription

    Scentbird is my new favorite thing. It's like the Netflix of perfume. No joke--this subscription service allows you to select the designer fragrances you want to try and then ships you a deluxe purse spray of your faves. It's the greatest thing since air conditioning, the internet, or Channing Tatum. I am a perfume fiend; I love trying new scents, so Scentbird is PERFECT for me. The selection is incredible, too--everything from classics like Chanel No. 5 and Shalimar to contemporary fragrances from Tom Ford and Dolce & Gabbana. A subscription to ScentBird is a 100% PERFECT gift for Mother's Day; she'll be able to select her favorite scents and enjoy the gift of your subscription year-round. Let your little sis or bro buy mom some sad drugstore card; you bring the A-Game with the gift that keeps on giving!

  • 2

    First Aid Beauty Spring Skin Savers Kit

    I snagged this kit from First Aid Beauty a few weeks go at Sephora inside JCP at University Mall. I'd never really tried anything from FAB before, and I am SO GLAD I did. Every product in this set is amazing, and they're all full-size so the kit is a steal. You get a face cleanser, a purifying face mask, FAB's (divine!) Ultra Repair Cream, and a potent liquid hydrator. All the products are gentle yet effective and suited for all skin types. As a mom, I can give this my stamp of approval.

  • 3

    Tarte Limited Edition 'Rainforest After Dark' Palette

    You need to grab this one before it's gone! This limited edition palette from Tarte is a hot item, and it makes a perfect gift for mom. The palette contains six of Tarte's stunning eye shadows as well as a blush, a highlighter, and Tarte's signature bronzer. I bought this palette last year and I have used it almost every single day. You can create a variety of looks with the shadows, and the bronzer/highlighter combo is well-suited for contouring. Seriously, y'all: I can't say enough good things about this one. Mom will LOVE it (and love you for hooking her up!)

  • 4

    LUSH Bath Goodies

    The link above takes you to a gift set from Lush, but you don't have to go all out and buy a prepackaged gift set. Buy mom a few bath bombs and bubble bars; you can't screw this one up. It's not possible. Here's the rundown: Mom works hard. She busts it each and every day taking care of your family. She cooks your meals, cleans the kitchen, changes the diapers, scrubs the floor, and folds your laundry--and that's just on her day off. This woman has earned some R&R, so you buy her some Lush. You buy her ALL THE LUSH. Let her unwind in a bathtub full of bubbles and perfume. It's the least you can do, okay? You let that woman lock the door, take a hot bath, and turn up the music to drown out the harrowing sounds of a toddler temper tantrum. Let her have her moment, and DO NOT disturb her--unless you're bringing her wine.

    (Click HERE to check out my fave Lush products.)

  • 5

    Sephora Favorites: The Great Cleanse

    Oh, man; these Sephora Favorites are so dang rad. You get to try so many different products, and the value is always on point, too. This set only costs $48; if you purchased each travel size individually, you'd shell out like $130. I love gifting these sets because it's always a great fit. You may not know what kind of cleansers work best for your mom or wife, so buying a set like this covers all your bases. It's so much fun to get a set like this one, too--I feel so special trying each new cleanser. I wash my face with French wine extracts and think to myself: this must be how Kate Middleton feels every night. Every lady deserves a chance to feel like a pampered princess, okay?

  • 6

    Drybar "The Royal Treatment" Kit

    Your mom has grey hair because of you. That is a fact, and it is not up for discussion. Mom more than likely has split ends and frizz, too--what else do you expect when you let a two-year-old "brush" your hair? (My scalp is hurting just thinking of that day...)

    Mom treats you with love and care, so why not return the TLC in the form of this set from DryBar? It's got their super-nourishing Sake Bomb shampoo and conditioner, a replenishing hair mask, a heat protectant, and a styling oil. I know this set seems suuuper bougie, but that's okay. When it comes to hair care, you get what you pay for--also it's Mother's Day. You've got to be fancy.

  • 7


    I manage to get a professional pedicure (if I am lucky) like once every six months. It is daggum MAGICAL, too. The 30 minutes I spend having someone else pain my toenails and pamper my feet is the highlight of my year. You may think that's sad, and yeah, it kind of is, but whatever. I need that mini-vacation, and your mom does, too.

    The link above takes you to the Facebook page of Bellagio Nail Spa. They're my favorite place to go for a manicure or pedicure. Everything is super clean and organized; the staff is attentive and awesome, and they're on the river--so it's a great view.

  • 8

    Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick

    I think we all remember seeing our moms put on lipstick when we were kids. Those memories of my mom stand out in my mind; I recall being mesmerized as she applied makeup and lipstick, thinking,"Wow. My momma is the most beautiful woman in the world."

    Your mom is beautiful, so remind her with one of these gorgeous lipsticks from Tarte. The packaging is adorable (each shade has its own presh little pattern!), the colors are incredible, and the lipstick lives up to its name--slides on LIKE BUTTAH.

  • 9

    GlamGlow "Get Glowing" Set

    I love GlamGlow. Y'all know that. This kit makes a great Mother's Day gift because it contains a full size of GlamGlow's insanely effective YouthMud as well as travel sizes of their hydrating mask and innovative mud-to-oil cleanser. Look, mom works hard and she's totally earned a spa day. Why not bring the spa home with this GlamGlow set? You get the results of a fancy pants facial without the awkardness of having a stranger poke at your face for like 30 minutes. Win-win in my book.

  • 10

    Sephora Favorites: Lash Stash To Go

    I had to squeeze in one more of those great Sephora faves. This one is even more boss: mom gets a wardrobe of travel size mascaras. She gets to try them all, figure out what works best for her, and then use the enclosed gift certificate to get a FULL SIZE of the mascara she liked best. How awesome is that? I think I may buy one for myself... uh, I mean my mom... right now.