Fun was the name of the game at our 2016 Insane Inflatable sponsored by Pepsi/Buffalo Rock at Tuscaloosa Regional Airport! See the highlights!

After a few cloudy and rainy days, it all cleared for a really nice Saturday morning. Sure it was a little windy and chilly, for running that was a good thing to keep us cool while we crushed that course!

If you didn't make it, we missed you! It was such crazy time, running, bouncing and sliding along a 3 mile course through the field!

This 5K is uniquely different than any other, ever! The whole thing is about the fun, which is perfect for those who may not normally do 5K's. Those who like to race, the challenge is definitely there with the Insane Inflatable 5K!

The highlight video below centers around our 10 a.m. B101.7 wave! You see, to enhance the experience runners are spread out at different start times through the morning. This 10 a.m. wave was ready to rock! Plus, I spoke with a few others before and after completing the course.

Oh, there's more! Take a look at the photo gallery below with various shots from Insane Inflatable 5K. A few early in the morning setting up, followed by a few featured participants and an awesome selfie with B101.7's 10 a.m. wave. So much fun!