This B101.7 Flashback Friday, we look back to the summer of 1997 and the infectious #1 pop hit, 'MMMbop' from Hanson. Have you ever wondered, does 'MMMbop' really stand for something more a catchy hook? We have the explanation and fun facts on the song.

The band's drummer Zac Hanson explained to :

What that song talks about is, you've got to hold on to the things that really matter. MMMBop represents a frame of time or the futility of life. Things are going to be gone, whether it's your age and your youth, or maybe the money you have, and all that's going to be left are the people you've nurtured and have really built to be your backbone and your support system.

There was so much airplay everywhere for this song, SNL was quick to poke fun. The group went on the late night comedy show as a music guest. Plus, being good sports and being able to laugh at themselves, they played along in a skit where they were kidnapped in an elevator and forced to listen to the song over and over until they snapped.

More fun facts on 'MMMbop' (source: Wikipedia and Songfacts):
-Originally, the song was recorded as a slow ballad
-#1 in 27 countries
-Group members Isaac Hanson was 16 years old, Taylor was 13, and Zac was 11 at the height of the song's popularity
-Ranked #20 on VH1's list of the '100 Greatest Songs of the 90s'
-Nominated for Record Of The Year Grammy in 1998

Going back 18 years to 1997, here's the music video for Hanson's 'MMMbop!'

Hanson 'MMMBop'

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