Friday I got a new phone; Saturday I went to the Druid City Arts Festival, and yesterday my family and I had a picnic in the park before flying a kite. BEST WEEKEND EVER.

I had a Samsung Galaxy S5 since September 2014 (I dropped my S3 and shattered the screen), and I loved my S5. It was an awesome phone, but I am a KLUTZ--and I dropped the S5 one too many times. The LCD screen was going out, so my husband and I went to AT&T to file an insurance claim--and walked out with two new phones and a tablet!

I'm LOVING the S7. It has so many cool features--and it's WATERPROOF. Seriously. It's waterproof for up to 30 minutes in 5 FEET of water. The camera is INSANE. I can't get over how great all my pictures look. I took this with the FRONT FACING camera.

Crazy, right? I spent most of Friday night playing around with my new phone and transferring my apps. We got up Saturday and headed out to the Druid City Arts Festival downtown. B101.7 had a tent right by the entrance to Government Plaza, and my coworkers and I had bought crayons and sidewalk chalk so that kids who stopped by could color with us. We displayed all the works of art the kids crated by hanging the pictures up around the tent. It was so much fun to color with the kids!

After I spent some time working in the tent, I was able to walk around and check out the rest of the Druid City Arts Festival. I found so many cool things this year! I posted a few of my favorite finds on the B101.7 Instagram (have you followed us yet? You should!)

We let people who came by the tent register for a $50 gift certificate from Ezell's Southern Food Express--congrats to Dee Moore of Tuscaloosa! She was selected as our winner this morning.

Sunday was fun, too! After our bimonthly Aldi trip, I packed up a picnic lunch. My family and I went to Bowers Park. We had lunch by one of the playgrounds--it was such a beautiful day! The sun was shining, and the breezy day was perfect for flying a kite. My husband, Will, helped our daughter, Dolly, fly it--she'd never flown a kite before, and she was so excited.

Meg Summers/ TSM
Meg Summers/TSM

She and I also made clover crowns. Look at my little flower child!

Meg Summers/TSM